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Christmas In My Heart Book 21

A treasury of old-fashioned Christmas stories

BY Joe L. Wheeler

It's truly a miracle in today's publishing world for any book series to last five - much less twenty years! Yet this is what Christmas in My Heart has done.  No one is more surprised at this than Joe Wheeler; he attributes the series' stubborn refusal to die to be a God-thing. That somehow there is something about each year's collection of stories that so speaks to hearts everywhere that "completists" (those who have all the books in the series) cannot even imagine facing a new Christmas season without a new collection to feed their souls.

In a world where society appears intent on stripping the Christmas season of the divine reason for its very existence, spiritually based Christmas stories such as these may provide a refuge from electronic strangulation, and an opportunity to read aloud heart-tugging stories incorporating values worth living by to children, teens and adults of all ages.

Since we become our favorite stories, the right or wrong story-choices will inevitably determine our eternal destinies. - Joseph Leininger Wheeler.

Stories in this book

Introduction Good News on Christmas Morning By Mary Mapes Dodge

  1. Calling on All Christmas in My Heart Completists By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

  2. The Christmas Quest By Temple Bailey

  3. Uncle Kees' Christmas Rebellion By Pierre van Paassen

  4. Bim Rogers--Santa Claus! By Charles G. Muller

  5. Ornament of Grace By Virginia a. Johnson

  6. Fifteen for Christmas By Lola Lamoreux

  7. Peter Peter By Lawrence York

  8. A Very Special Gift By Leslie Peters

  9. Christmas Gift By Lucy Agnes Hancock

  10. The Magic Key By Harriet LaBarre

  11. The Candle By Willem Brandt

  12. Star of Hope By Katharine Swartz

  13. The Christmas Inn By Ella F. Mosby

  14. The Empty Box By Jill Hoefler

  15. Christmas in the Heart By Isobel Stewart

  16. Going Home for Christmas By Joseph Leininger Wheeler


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816334018

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 0 In Stock

Pages: 128

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