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Christmas In My Heart Book 24

A treasury of old-fashioned Christmas stories

BY Joe L. Wheeler

In a world that oftentimes seems to have lost its moorings, where knowledge increases at such a dizzying rate that no one can keep up with it, it is good to back away from it all in islands of serenity—and ponder the deeper meaning.

Which brings each of us to the ultimate question: Where in all this nonstop chaotic frenzy of hype and self-promotion is God?

When we do this, inevitably our thoughts travel back, back, back in time to a lowly stable in a little hamlet called Bethlehem, inside which a baby was being born. And high overhead: a blazing star.

Christmas was also born that day. 

Stories in this book

Introduction    Holy Night    By Catherine Parmenter

  1. Our Top Twenty Christmas Stories    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

  2. A Wood Crowns the Waters    By Eric Philbrook Kelly

  3. Little Cherry's Star    By G. M. Farley

  4. The Christmas Kink    By Lucille Adams

  5. Flight Before Christmas    By John Scott Douglas

  6. Denny's Christmas Revelation    By Faith Freeborn Turner

  7. The Belated Christmas Train    By William McGinnies

  8. Joy to the World    By Mary Russell

  9. The Lighted Path    By Temple Bailey

  10. Let Nothing You Dismay    By Ruth P. Harnden

  11. A Warmth in Her Heart    By Goldie Down

  12. The Lost Child    By Retold by Mabel Lee Cooper

  13. Celestial Roots    By Thomas Vallance

  14. A Story for Christmas    By Jody Shields

  15. The Baby Camel That Walked to Jesus    By Walter A. Dyer

  16. Choices    By Isobel Stewart

  17. The Dream Catcher    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816357802

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 128

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