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Prices, Specials and Stock Policy

Prices listed are in Australian Dollars, include GST and are only shipped to addresses within Australia.

The price and availability of an advertised item is only relevant to the store advertising that item at that price and may also be the only store able to supply that item. Your local store may not be able to, and is not required to, supply the items at the online advertised price.

While most product prices match between the stores servicing this webstore, some products prices differ from store to store for various reasons. The main reason for differing prices of an identical product is usually due to the stores each being independent and ordering separately. This affects the cost of some goods due to several factors, such as: varying quantity discounts, freight charges, fluctuating exchange rates, supplier price changes and more.

While most items are either in stock or able to be sourced by each store, not all items are available at each store and therefore these are not required to supply customers with items they do not stock.

Stores are under no obligation to price match and/or supply an item at a price advertised by another store on the webstore.

Stores are under no obligation to supply an item that is listed on the webstore with a price that is found to be incorrect due to technical or human error. Any items ordered at an incorrect price will be refunded without being supplied and the web item’s price will be corrected.

Quantity Discounts

Any advertised quantity discounts only apply if the entire quantity of a product purchased to reach the discount threshold is supplied by one store only. When ordering enough products to reach the quantity discount online, the webstore will automatically allocate that item to a single store to fulfil – which may including ordering in additional stock to reach your quantity ordered.

NOTE: Customers cannot source items from multiple retail stores to reach an advertised discount threshold and receive that discount. If a single store does not have enough stock on hand to supply the discounted threshold quantity immediately, they will order it in for you. Customers cannot request on-hand stock from multiple stores in order to receive the quantity discount.

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