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Christmas In My Heart Book 23

A treasury of old-fashioned Christmas stories

BY Joe L. Wheeler

For twenty-three years now, readers have been writing to Joe Wheeler, letting him know how much the series means to them. Listen in

  • “I so enjoy your introductory comments before each story, and since I grew up with Currier & Ives calendars, I love your choice of book covers.”

  • “I have collected all of your Christmas in My Heart books–thank you for being ‘America’s Keeper of the Story.’ ”

  • “How so many stories of wonderful content are able to come from one person is beyond me. Each one has its own special emotion, and I never cease to be drawn into the plot. I am so thankful you make sure God is the center of all you share with us.”

  • “My wife, Marcia, and I have enjoyed reading your Christmas stories out loud to each other since we discovered them on a Focus on the Family broadcast many years ago. Reading these stories really helped her endure the last three years of her fight with cancer.”

Stories in this book

Introduction The Christmas Tree Remembers By Faith Baldwin

  1. Psst! I'm Giving Away All My Secrets By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

  2. Two Christmas Mornings of the Great War By Edward Hulse and Wilfrid Ewart

  3. Santa for Certain By Earl Reed Silvers

  4. The Gift By Bruce R. Coston

  5. Father Carter and the Herd of Elephants By Pat Thornborough

  6. The Crinoline Lady of March Manor By Irma Hegel

  7. Flight of the Second Section By Edward S. Marshall

  8. The Children Who Played With the Manger By Ione Haynes Keen

  9. The Return of Christmas By Marlene Chase

  10. The Christmas Doll By Jeanne Bottroff

  11. Christmas at Bethlehem By anna Brownell Dunaway

  12. Sweet Singing in the Choir By Deborah Siepmann

  13. Twenty Acres for Christmas By F. McKinnon Morton

  14. The Monkey Manufacturing Company By Harold D. Robinson

  15. Personal Delivery By Gail Courtney Rittgers

  16. A Christmas Triumph By Frances Lewis

  17. Because of Christmas By Phyllis Naylor

  18. The Tides of Life By Joseph Leininger Wheeler


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816354221

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 128

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