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Christmas In My Heart Book 27

A treasury of old-fashioned Christmas stories

BY Joe L. Wheeler

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that Christmas in My Heart® would still be alive and well after twenty-seven years—nor that it would also be our 100th book. How mightily God has blessed the ministry of our books! 

Without question, each year’s Christmas in My Heart® collection is more daunting to assemble than the ones before. Reason being: We prayerfully search all year long for spiritually based, unforgettable, and deeply moving stories that will touch the heart, will stand the test of time, and be at least as strong as all our previous stories. 

Sadly, all too few authors are writing value-based stories today such as were the norm back during the golden age of Judeo-Christian stories (1880–1960), most published primarily in family magazines, few of which even exist anymore. 

In order to keep the Christmas in My Heart® series going, we continue to purchase golden age story magazines and books, most from antique stores and the internet—also weaving in contemporary stories.

In this particular collection, you will find the following author's stories:

  • Emma A. Lente: Frontispiece poem – “Travelers From the East”

  • Franklyn M. Branley and Joseph Leininger Wheeler: Introduction: The Mysterious Star of Bethlehem

  • Hope Hale: Five Days Before Christmas

  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Christmas on the Mayflower

  • Malone Hobson: Home, Sweet Home

  • Mary Russell: We Two, Together

  • Margaret Weymouth Jackson: The Red Glass Bowl

  • Rebecca Harding Davis: The Christmas Year

  • Marie Conway Oemler: The Little Brown House

  • Maude W. Plummer: Home for Christmas

  • Val Teal: Christmas Tonight

  • Ina Brevoort Roberts: The Five-O’clock Train

  • Adeline Rumsey: Christmas Bell

  • Kathleen Coyle: Christmas Eve

  • Margaret Cousins: Appointment in the Desert

  • Linda Stevens Almond: “Merry Christmas, Miss Blakely!”

  • Wheeler, Joseph Leininger: God Works in Mysterious Ways


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816362684

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 1 In Stock

Pages: 128

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