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Live More Happy

Scientifically proven ways to lift your mood and your life

BY Darren Morton

Drawing on the best of this research and his own published scientific research, Dr Darren Morton offers an easy-to-read and practical guide on how you can lift how you feel every day.

Over the past decade, neuroscience, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine have exploded as areas of cutting-edge study, research and healthcare.

The research indicates that almost half of your enduring happiness can be influenced by your daily choices and habits, so this is how you do it. Wherever you are on the feelings scale, you can lift your mood and you will likely lift your wellbeing in the process.

Join the journey toward living more, feeling better and finding happiness.


  1. What we need to know about our Limbo

  2. Our Limbo is listening

  3. Motion creates emotion

  4. Blue and green should often be seen

  5. Together feels better

  6. Feelings follow our focus

  7. Food feeds our mood

  8. Rest to feel our best

  9. Stress less

  10. Giving is living

  11. What it takes to flourish.


Publisher: Signs Publishing

ISBN: 9781925044720

Format: Paperback

STATUS: Available

Pages: 174

Customer Reviews

[ Bookshelf Review ]
I have never been an overly optimistic person and always thought that people who look on the bright side all the time are just not being realistic. So when it was decided that I should be the one to review Live More Happy, I wondered if it was some sort of a hint or maybe they just wanting a “realistic” approach. I was hoping that it was not just all about laughing and clapping your hands but could give me some solid evidence as to why “I should live more happy”—and this book did not disappoint.
This is Darren Morton’s second book about the strategies for boosting emotional wellbeing and becoming happier—and as such, is largely an expanded and deeper version of his previous Seven Secrets for Feeling Fantastic. In the intervening 10 years, his research has found that people who put the content of this book into practice experience a 30 per cent reduction in depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress, and a 20 per cent improvement in their mental health and vitality, so I decided to give it a go.
From the very first page, I was hooked. Who would have thought that learning about the scientific research done into the human brain could be so interesting? By using nicknames for the various parts of the brain and personal anecdotes to explain the brain’s workings, Darren Morton has written a scientifically based book that everyone can enjoy. While the book reads lightly, there are also comprehensive references at the end of each chapter for those who want to check the evidence.
Even just reading Live More Happy brings a smile to your face. I found myself laughing out loud in various chapters, so I could feel it doing me good already. And the handy acronyms and application exercises help you focus on the different aspects of your life that you could change.
With the New Year fast approaching and everyone planning their resolutions, Live More Happy makes a great Christmas present for yourself or a friend, as we can all do with a bit more happiness in our lives.
—Sonia Knight, Resources Manager, Adventist Media Network

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