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The Acts of the Apostles Audio MP3

BY Ellen G. White

When the Church Connects to Ultimate Power Power. That one word sums up the Bible book, The Acts of the Apostles. Not just any kind of power, but a source of power far greater than that unleashed by nuclear energy or even an exploding supernova. The power Acts reveals is stupendous, awesome, limitless. It is the power that created the universe-the power of God Himself, as channeled through the Holy Spirit. "You will receive power," Christ told His fledgling church, "when the Holy Spirit comes on you" (Acts 1:8, NIV).

Then came Pentecost, and in its train the sick were healed, the dead raised, and thousands were won to Christ in a day. Today, God's church needs the power of Acts again. Christians need power to live as Jesus lived. Power to win the war of sin. Power to blast through solid walls of selfishness, indifference, and hostility, to teach and change human hearts. Power to see committed rebels changed into loyal sons and daughters of God. Power to finish the work of taking God's Good News to the entire sin-scarred world.

In The Acts of the Apostles, a remarkable commentary on the biblical Book of Acts, you are invited to witness again the enormous power of the early church. Then you are invited to request it and experience it for yourself.


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