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Patriarchs and Prophets Audio MP3

BY Ellen G. White

There probably isn't anybody around who hasn't wondered now and then where things came from. How did the universe begin? How did the world get here? Where and how did human beings get started? Patriarchs and Prophets is about the beginning of things. In fascinating, easy-to-understand language, it describes exactly how the planet Earth--and the people who live on it--began.

And if you've ever been dismayed by all the evil in the world and wondered where it began, this book on MP3 will tell you that too. Evil, you will discover as you listen to these disks, didn't even begin here on Earth. It is an unwelcome import from another part of the universe.

Few people today realize that the evil all around us is the visible evidence of a great war that has raged in the universe for thousands of years now. Patriarchs and Prophets is one of the very few sources available anywhere that can reveal with accuracy and authority just how and why this great war began and who is behind it.

The Desire of Ages--a companion book on MP3 to Patriarchs and Prophets--describes the pivotal battle in the cosmic war--and a third book on MP3, The Great Controversy, pulls back the curtain on the future to show how it will finally end.

Start with this book on MP3--then listen to the others. And remember--even though what you are about to hear may astonish you and seem incredible--it is 100 percent non-fiction. Every word is true.


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