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Stressed? How to Handle the Pressure

BY Sharon Platt-McDonald

In order of importance, rest may come low down on your list of priorities. Our culture is results driven. Fueled by industry's obsession with productivity and competitiveness, we are constantly being pushed to perform beyond our boundaries. Indeed, our work-life balance has been disrupted with the increasing demands of life and the pressure to do more.

Having a good life balance means looking after our physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Rest is an essential part of this. God values rest.

Perhaps you find yourself stressed to the max, your life bursting at the seams with activity and the juggling of work demands, family commitment and trying to find time with God. Take the advice Jesus offers, 'Come aside . . . and rest awhile."

Publisher: Autumn House

ISBN: 9781906381547

Format: Paperback

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