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If You Can Eat... You Can Make Disciples

Sharing faith ins a multi-faith world

BY Peter Roennfeldt

Inspire yourself, or your congregation, to make Disciples!

What does it mean to be a Christian and share our faith in a multi-faith and no-faith world?
In our complex post-Christian world, sharing our faith can seem equally complex. But consider how Jesus related to His multi-faith context, particularly His teaching in Luke 10:1–24. He engaged Jews, Samaritans, Roman gentiles, peasants, fishermen, urbanites, religious leaders, soldiers, merchants and others in spiritual discussions. His compassion, insights, authority and methodology left people amazed.
Drawing on this key teaching and the example of Jesus, this book suggests a simple, reproducible approach. It seeks to demystify evangelism, putting it within reach of every believer.

“Many years of reflection, mentoring and praxis have resulted in another stimulating book by Peter Roennfeldt. God’s heart for all people is on every page. Read this book, then live it. That’s where the joy is!”
—Kayle de Waal, head of Avondale Seminary, author, Mission Shift

“Peter has the ability to speak right to your heart and focus on what’s truly important. This book is inspirational in its simplicity, while giving practical tools for discipleship that everyone can use.”
—Jody Eddy, pastor and chaplain, Victoria, Australia

“I love the ‘fourth alternative’ that this book gives for sharing faith. It’s simple, it’s biblical and, because of that, it works. I’ve tried it. If you don’t know what it is, I recommend reading this short book to find out.”
—Terry Johnson, President, Greater Sydney Conference


Publisher: Signs Publishing

ISBN: 9781925044829

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 39 In Stock

Pages: 80

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