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Days of Daniel Board Game

A champion of faith

Days of Daniel is a colourful and fun board game for up to 6 players, aged about 5 and up.

No Bible knowledge is needed and, depending on number of players and how the dice rolls, each games goes for about an hour.

It’s themed on the incredible events and prophetic visions found in the book of Daniel, complete with Bible references next to the imagery.

Players take turns to roll a dice and move their token around the board. If a player lands on a section of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, they collect that card.

Only when a player completes their statue, can they move into the middle circuit, where they then begin collect imagery from Daniel’s visions.

Once all image cards have been collected, then it’s a risky journey to the centre to win the game.

Along the way there’s plenty of opportunity to collect cards, as well as lose cards, so someone who’s way behind is always in with a chance.

The game also has a swapping element, where you can either ask another player for a card you don’t have – or in some cases, take it without permission. Card swapping could be ignored for younger players, or played strictly and strategically by teens and adults.

This well themed, easy-to-learn, game is mostly based on luck, meaning younger kids can play it easily, but also has opportunity for some strategic decision making elements to keep it interesting for older players.


Publisher: Stanborough Press

ISBN: 9781907244452

Format: Games & Puzzles

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Customer Reviews

A fun game for Sabbath afternoons. Easy to pick up and play - not too taxing on the brain :) Recommend it.

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