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Of Falafels and Following Jesus

Stories from a journey through the holly land

BY Nathan Brown

  • If you have travelled to the Holy Land, this is your invitation to share again in the journey.

  • If travelling to the Holy Land is on your bucket list, what better way to get a taste of the journey?

  • If travelling to the Holy Land seems unlikely, join the journey without leaving your local or regional community.

  • If you follow Jesus, this is your invitation to re-visit the stories and realities of the life of Jesus.

Since the time of Jesus, visiting the places of His life has held a fascination and attraction for His followers from many parts of the world.

This is the story of one of those journeys, encountering and reflecting on the stories themselves, as well as the realities of visiting these places today.

From the familiar to the unfamiliar, from ancient stones to contemporary tourism, from bird-spotting to market-shopping, from the rugged wilderness of Petra and the Dead Sea to the sparkling waters and lush valleys of Galilee, Of Falafels and Following Jesus is a story of re-discovering the stories of Jesus and the Bible, and how this journey changes and challenges us as we seek to follow Him as His disciples today.

“In the same place where Jesus called a tax collector to collect His stories, Jesus has obviously called Nathan Brown to do the same. An exquisite writer, Nathan takes us into the holy sites, yes, but most of all, into the holy stories—of Jesus, of Scripture. This is a beautiful travel book and an inspiring memoir, all in one.”
—Dr Andy Nash, owner, Tabgha Tours to Israel, and author, The Book of Matthew: Save Us Now, Son of David

Nathan Brown, Michelle Villis and Brenton Stacey travelled together from Australia as part of a larger tour group. They each grew up with the stories of Jesus, but are continuing to learn to read—and to live—these stories again.


ISBN: 9781925044881

Format: Paperback

STATUS: Available

Pages: 208

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