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Mission Study Bible - Revised 2017 (KJV)

With Ellen G White notes

This King James Version Bible offers the additional explanations of not only the insightful comments of Ellen G White but also has many other study helps and explanations.

The Mission Study Bible is packed with commentary, charts, maps, additional material and so much more...


  • King James Version 

  • Ultra Durable Cover - A soft touch ultra durable black cover allows for flexibility as well as durability.

  • Upgraded Binding - Smyth Sewn binding - the highest quality book binding available.

  • Gold Edge

  • 3 Page Marker Ribbons - Never lose your place again.

  • Large Print - The Mission Study Bible features larger print on not only the Bible text but also on the commentary.

  • Printed in Full Colour

  • Text References - Many verses have references to other verses to point you to other relevant verses.

  • Words of Christ in Red

  • Introduction to Each Book - Title, Authorship, Historical Setting, Theme and an Outline

  • Know the background and context of each book before you study.

  • Commentary by Ellen G. White - This Bible is saturated with additional commentary by Ellen G. White.

  • Additional Maps Explaining a Specific  Prophet's Ministry

  • Additional Footnotes and Explanations - Further explanations are given in the shaded blue blocks at the bottom of the pages.

  • The Historic Period Between the Old and the New Testament - Covering the period of 400 years between the two testaments, this 20 page, historic account with maps and diagrams, leads up to the time of the first advent of Christ.

  • Fourfold Gospel Narrative - This narrative places each of the four gospels in context.

  • Harmony of the Gospels - A comprehensive listing of each incident in the life of Christ is placed in chronological sequence to allow for better understanding of how the gospels harmonize.

  • Parables and Their Interpretation - Each parable of Christ is listed with its harmony entry and the principles which Jesus wished to illustrate.

  • Miracles and the Purpose of the Miracles - Each miracle of Jesus  is listed with its harmony entry and gives the principles illustrated by the miracle.

  • 13 Full Colour Maps Illustrating the Life and Ministry of Jesus - Follow Jesus from His birth all the way through His ministry ending in Jerusalem.  

  • 10 Full Colour Charts Illustrating the Time Lines of the Various Phases of the Ministry of Jesus

  • Basic Bible Studies, 12 Topics with Various Study Subheadings - Always have studies available should you be asked to explain the reason for the hope you have.

  • 80 Page Concordance - One of the largest concordances ever in an easy-to-carry Bible.

  • Scripture Index to the Writings of Ellen G White - For further study of the writings of Ellen G White additional book references are given to help you gain more insights into texts in the Bible. 

  • Chronological Tables - Detailed information on so many aspects of our Christian faith.

  • Tables of Weights and Measures - Understand the terms for weights and measures. 

  • Hebrew Months, Festivals and Seasons.

  • Outline of the Sanctuary Service - Get to know the Sanctuary and its services to better understand Christ’s ministry on our behalf.

  • 26 Full Colour Maps from the Exodus to the Diaspora in the First Century.


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ISBN: 9780996311311

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