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Wisdom: Timeless Treasures from Proverbs

BY Gerald Wheeler

Good Advice From a Wise Man The book of Proverbs is a treasure of time-tested advice inspired by God on such topics as how to make friends, attain prosperity, speak well, find true happiness, have a happy marriage, raise wise children, succeed in business, deal with difficult people, and establish a good reputation.

In short, Solomon's book is the How to Win Friends and Please God of the tenth century B.C. But are the moral values it teaches still relevant to a new millennium? Yes, says Gerald Wheeler.

By understanding the wisdom of another age, we see our own with new eyes. Proverbs really comes alive only when it is understood against its cultural background. Wheeler turns to ancient sources to illuminate the text. He shows how Proverbs even anticipates modern discoveries, such as the connection between mind and body, and how the book goes beyond the superficial advice of other ancient wisdom literature to call for a righteous heart before God.

Solomon's timeless wisdom still speaks to us today-now more clearly than ever before.


Publisher: Review and Herald

ISBN: 9780828015271

Format: Paperback

STATUS: Available

Pages: 160

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