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What Happy Couples Know

BY Mark Finley, Steven R. Mosley

"Insider" Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Happy couples. An endangered species according to the popular media and spiraling divorce statistics. But there are those special couples who do find lasting happiness. What is their secret? What makes them tick?

Whether you are single or married, you will be enriched as you read What Do Happy Couples Know?, by Mark Finely and Steven Mosley. It shares real-life stories of couples who have the ability to communicate, the ability to share their deepest feelings and listen sensitively to one another. As you apply the practical principles gleaned from the experiences of these couples, your own interpersonal relationships will improve. Those ragged edges on your marriage will be smoothed. If you are married, you will appreciate your own spouse much, much more. You will have a sense of a new love in your marriage, because there is a new love for Jesus in your own heart.


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816318100

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 45

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