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We Shall Be Changed

BY Christy K. Robinson

Significant change doesn't usually happen overnight!

Have you ever heard of first-year medical students performing delicate brain surgery?

Of babies suddenly waking up one morning speaking complete, intelligible sentences?

Or of budding musicians holding sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall?

Let's face it, Christians aren't even totally transformed yet.

We wait anxiously for the Second Coming when our mortal bodies will become immortal, but in the meantime, character growth-the really important change-takes place. Just like any other learning process, it's a gradual, sometimes imperceptible progression.

Within these pages are devotions written by men and women whose lives have been guided by the Master Teacher. And they've learned that God can use just about any moment as a teachable moment!

Nearly 50 authors contributed to this volume including:

  • William and Edna Maye Loveless

  • Dorothy Minchin-Comm

  • Don Starlin

  • Joedy Melashenko

  • Aileen Ludington

  • Kit Watts

  • Wellesley Muir

  • Jim Zachary

  • Herman Bauman

  • Hyveth Williams


Publisher: Review and Herald

ISBN: 9780828025058

Format: Hardcover

STATUS: Available

Pages: 375

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