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The Ministry of Healing - MP3 CDs

BY Ellen G. White

Have you checked out a newsstand lately?

New magazines on health, fitness, diet, and exercise seem to be taking over more shelf space every month.

Maybe you're old enough to remember a time not that long ago when nobody ever talked about aerobics, jogging, cholesterol, and workouts. But today it's obvious that the pursuit of health and fitness is more than a quick fad. It's here to stay. Looking and feeling good isn't optional for most people these days-it's a high lifestyle priority.

So millions of us are shedding pounds, running marathons, joining health clubs, reading food labels, pumping iron, chucking tobacco and alcohol, getting back to basics. The Ministry of Healing crusades for total fitness, not just physical fitness, because we human beings are more than just bodies. So these words speak to the needs of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. For less than the cost of one visit to the doctor, this classic on health will tell you how to manage stress, get well, prevent disease, and feel vibrantly alive.


Publisher: Remnant Publications

ISBN: 9781883012434

Format: MP3 CD

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