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The Clear Word - New Testament - Audio CDs

a devotional paraphrase of the Bible

BY Jack J Blanco, E Lonnie Melashenko

The Clear Word's New Testament (only) in Audio CD format

The Clear Word paraphrase by Jack Blanco has made the Bible fresh and come alive for many people over the years. The same book that has facilitated personal devotions and made reading scripture much easier, is now in Audio format.

The New Testament, 21 CDs in all, comes in a convenient carrying case the same length and width as a regular CD case and about 4cm thick. You can easily fit it in a briefcase or glove box enabling you to take your audio Bible anywhere.

Lonnie Melashenko, director and speaker for the Voice of Prophecy radio program, eloquently reads the 27 books of the New Testament in his recognisable bass.

Each chapter begins as a new track enabling you to return to your spot more quickly and each disc is labeled with the total passages covered as well as with a CD number for easy organization.

Average disc running time is 70 minutes, totalling just over 25 hours of play time.

NOTE: This is not a Bible translation and is not endorsed by the Seventh-day Adventist church as a preferred replacement of quality Bible Translations. It is an interpretive text of the Bible written as a personal devotional exercise by Jack Blanco, former dean of the School of Religion at Southern Adventist University, and is to be an additional study tool and devotional alongside the Bible. Major portions of the translation are material added by the author as it is a 'free paraphrase' of the Bible. Paraphrases take great liberty with the biblical text and seek to convey the meaning of the author using contemporary phrases and metaphors. 


Publisher: Review and Herald

ISBN: 9780828019361

Format: Audio CD

Qty on Hand: 1 In Stock

Duration: 25 hrs

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