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Spirit Alive CD

BY Maxipraise

You can live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit Explore the New Testament themes of conversion, witnessing, faith, gifts and fruits of the Spirit, and the second coming of Jesus.

(Also Available: Music book with wordsheets, music scores, Bible text for each song. )

Intergenerational music for Primary, Junior, Teen, and Adults!

Songs include the country-style hymn "We Are the Church," catchy "Share Jesus," contemporary "Comforter," and the Advent longing of "One Day Soon."

  1. Sing To The Lord

  2. Nothing Better Than This

  3. There's Rejoicing

  4. Acts 2:38,39 (NIV)

  5. Comforter

  6. Jesus Inside

  7. I Hear Your Voice

  8. Share Jesus

  9. The Body I've Been Given

  10. Armour Of God

  11. Spirit Alive

  12. Have Faith In God

  13. Peace Like A River / Bubblin' Up

  14. Nothing Without Your Love

  15. Build Up The Body Of Christ

  16. We Are The Church

  17. How Sweet

  18. One Day Soon

  19. One Day Soon (Backing)

  20. Comforter (Backing)

  21. Share Jesus (Backing)

  22. Spirit Alive (Backing)

  23. Peace Like A River / Bubblin' Up (Backing)

  24. Nothing Without Your Love (Backing)

  25. Build Up The Body Of Christ (Backing)

  26. We Are The Church (Backing)


ISBN: 859703992088

Format: Music CD

Out of stock

Duration: 73 min

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