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Seventh-day Adventists Believe

An exposition on the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church


Seventh-day Adventists Believe is the official statement of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, including any changes voted at the 2015 General Conference Session.  

Each chapter begins with a short summary statement of the belief as voted by the General Conference in session. The summary statement is followed by a theological explanation that describes these doctrinal convictions and their significance for Adventist Christians in today’s society. Study questions for deeper insight can be found at the end of each chapter.  Each doctrine is thoroughly documented with Bible verses so you can explore, appraise, study, and substantiate these precious truths for yourself.


Publisher: Review and Herald

ISBN: 9788472086463

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 7 In Stock

Pages: 452

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