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Searching For Lost Love

Eternal truths of the Lords Prayer

BY Ricardo Bentancur

We all need fatherly consideration. This book tries to express the consideration of a heavenly Father who loves His children.

Ricardo intertwines Jesus’ prayer with testimony from his own life and the cardinal truths of the Word of God for man’s salvation. Thus the book is a colorful journey with vibrant stories, poetry, and reflections.

This is an exquisite, amenable book full of intimate personal anecdotes, written with emotion and reason, clarity, and simplicity. These reflections are extracted from the struggles and crises of life and include topics of deep theological profoundness rooted in personal experiences.


Publisher: Pacific PRess

ISBN: 9780816358946

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 128

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Most of us memorised the Lord’s Prayer in our childhood and I am sure we have recited it regularly as a church prayer as well as at other times. But how many times have we stopped to really think about the words or why it was structured the way that it was?
Have we become ensnared in religious formalism just like the Pharisees whom Jesus rebuked for their showy empty prayers? Are we sometimes guilty of reciting the Lord’s Prayer in words only, while missing its powerful message?
Searching for Lost Love is not a deep theological exposition of the Lord’s Prayer but rather a thoughtful look at its practical application to our everyday life.
Intermingled with personal stories from his own life growing up without a father and verses penned from his own experiences, Ricardo Bentancur—who is a speaker, writer and poet, who works as the director of the International Department of Pacific Press—manages to bring to life this beautiful and powerful prayer.
Drawing from the scriptural context in which the Lord’s Prayer appears, he explains how Jesus was teaching His disciples and us the fundamentals of Christianity through each section of this prayer. Each chapter leads also you further into the personal story Bentancur’s life and how he has seen it interwoven with God’s plan.
Anyone who reads Searching for Lost Love will be touched by the sincerity of the author and will come away with a deeper understanding of that beautiful prayer we all learnt years ago. It is, after all, the prayer that Jesus instructed His disciples—and that includes us—to pray.
—Sonia Knight, distribution manager, Adventist Media Network

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