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Positive Mind

A Practical Guide for Any Situation

BY Julian Melgosa

The author, Julian Melgosa, is a widely-known communicator, with decades of success as a teacher and a writer, who provides his thoughtful and deep analysis of adversities and behavioral choices for developing a positive and healthy mind.

This unique work gives us the tools to face challenges that we often do not know how to face. This 331-page volume is a manual that offers an extensive listing of problematic situations that everyone may face sometime during life.

To address these situations, the book includes valuable self-help techniques, professional psychotherapeutic strategies, and a large number of natural treatments. This guide of holistic mental health provides counsel and practical remedies, about principles for better living, self-centered and interpersonal problems, resilience, as well as major therapeutic techniques.

In the prologue, Dr. Jose Luis Pinillos writes: “Whether or not the reader has a background in the behavioral sciences, I am sure that no one will regret reading this excellent book. It will not protect them from all pain, but it will prevent evil from taking over their spirit.”


Publisher: safeliz

ISBN: 9788472081765

Format: Hardcover

Qty on Hand: 0 In Stock

Pages: 331

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