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Notes of Joy - Women's Devotional

365 devotions for women

BY Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

Did you know that God delights in you? That at the very thought of you, He rejoices over you with singing? Notes of Joy is full of stories that celebrate the beautiful bond shared between the heavenly Father and you, His precious daughter. God’s Word promises us that, through His Son, our safety is guaranteed, our provision is sure. In the face of such abundant life, why do we allow the enemy to steal our joy?

Do you need encouragement today? To experience the joy of His presence? This daily devotional book for women shares that lasting joy is only found through Christ and through the avenues He provides for us—families, friendships, mentors, creation, and yes, even challenges and trials. Listen to His Notes of Joy today.


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816363261

Format: Hardcover

Qty on Hand: 2 In Stock

Pages: 400

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