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No More Broken Strings

The Jaime Jorge Story

BY Jaime Jorge

Picture a frightened teenager at a talent show with an unruly college crowd, and an emcee with no talent for pronouncing Hispanic names, and you have the setting for a hilarious episode in Jaime Jorge's life—one of many in this delightfully frank, self-revealing autobiography.

No More Broken Strings tells the fascinating story of this gifted violinist who began life in communist Cuba, and was given his first violin at age four. His family fled Cuba when Jaime was ten years old. American life was a jarring experience. His inability to understand the language often got him into trouble, as did his rebellious nature.

Jaime writes honestly about his growth as a musician and his mistakes and struggles with temptation. "As I look back on my life thus far, I can see that the most difficult, lowest points came when I was farthest from Jesus, but He never gave up on me."

 Though he's only just past thirty years old now, Jaime has written candidly about his life with the hope that other young people might benefit from his experiences, and be inspired by what God can do through sinful human beings who give themselves—the best and worst of who they are—completely to Him.

Table of Contents

  1. A Cuban Childhood

  2. Mima and Pipo

  3. Leaving Cuba

  4. A New Life in America

  5. Violin Lessons or a Life of Crime?

  6. Music or Medicine

  7. Life in the Spotlight

  8. A Time of Testing

  9. Medical School at Last

  10. Romance on the Basketball Court

  11. Transition and Indecision

  12. The Way Becomes Clear

  13. Starting a Whole New Life

  14. The Christmas Project

  15. Returning to Cuba

  16. Going Home


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816354238

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 158

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