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Learn About God's Love

A Kid's - Eye View of the Fundamental Doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

BY Adriana Femopase

Children learn by doing.
 Learn About God's Love activities book provides a wealth of ways to help your children learn about God's love. In this companion book to God Loves Me 28 Ways and What We Believe, each of our 28 fundamental beliefs is reinforced through enjoyable, age-appropriate exercises.The activities include fill-in-the-blanks, hidden message puzzles, word scrambles, cryptograms, crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, and other puzzles - all of which require only a pen or a pencil to complete. There's nothing extra to buy! Scripture references are given for those times when children may need a bit of help. This book makes learning about the 28 fundamental Seventh-day Adventist beliefs fin!


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816321872

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 2 In Stock

Pages: 45

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