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Hunter's Handbook 3 (Bible Study Guide)

The Hunter Chronicles

BY Amanda Bews, Tony Knight

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This is the Study Guide book for book three of The Hunter Chronicles: Hunter and the Haunted Halls 
This series is for junior aged kids (9-12) covering 7 of the Fundamental Beliefs of the SDA Church

Bible Studies covered in this book:

Lesson 1: Christian Behaviour (SDA Fundamental Belief #22)
Lesson 2: The Nature of Humanity (SDA Fundamental Belief #7)
Lesson 3: Creation (SDA Fundamental Belief #6)
Lesson 4: The Sabbath (SDA Fundamental Belief #20)
Lesson 5: The Great Controversy (SDA Fundamental Belief #8)
Lesson 6: The Remnant Church (SDA Fundamental Belief #13)
Lesson 7: The Lord’s Supper (SDA Fundamental Belief #16)

A child who studies through the entire 4 volumes will have learned about all of our fundamental beliefs and will be prepped for baptism, in fact the last lesson in Volume 4 deals with baptism and even invites a child to read through the General Conference endorsed “Simplified baptismal Vows” and make a decision for baptism.

This book can also be purchased separately as a discounted pair with the matching story book.

Discounts also apply for quantities over 5 or 10 books - for those purchasing for a group study class such as Pathfinders or young Bible study classes.

Honour Patch


There is a Pathfinder Honour & patch for each of the Hunter Chronicles books?

Contact your youth department to find out more!


Publisher: Australian Union Conference

ISBN: 9781925650105

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 5 In Stock

Pages: 208

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