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Hunter and the Forbidden Cave + Hunter's Handbook 1 (2 Set)

The Hunter Chronicles

BY Amanda Bews, Tony Knight

This is the discounted set (story book and study guide book) of volume one of The Hunter Chronicles, a series for junior aged kids (9-12) covering 7 of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the SDA Church

Written by Amanda Bews and Tony Knight, Hunter and the Forbidden Cave (the story book) covers the following Fundamental Beliefs of the SDA Church:

  • Chapter/Lesson 1 – Jesus, the Son (Fundamental No.4)

  • Chapter/Lesson 2 – God, the Father (Fundamental No.3)

  • Chapter/Lesson 3 – The Holy Spirit (Fundamental No.5)

  • Chapter/Lesson 4 – The Trinity (Fundamental No.2)

  • Chapter/Lesson 5 – The Law of God (Fundamental No.19)

  • Chapter/Lesson 6 – The Plan of Salvation (Fundamental No.10)

  • Chapter/Lesson 7 – Death and Resurrection (Fundamental No.26)

"Ethan Hunter can't believe what he's hearing. His life is in ruins. They family is broke. His Dad has legal problems and like it or not they're heading for the bush... No warning. No questions. No choices! Could life get any worse? Sure it can! He and his Mum have to move into is cousin Stephanie's spooky, tumbled-down old house. There he meets a magpie with a sharp beak and a long memory, and a horse that thinks it's a dog. So Hunter's on a mission, dragging Stephanie in his wake, and sweeping Grace and James along for the ride. Ethan gets more that he bargained for as he braves the forbidden caves in search of the Clarke Brothers' hidden bushranger stash. But what is significance of the eagle? And who is the dusky stranger watching from the shadows?"

A child who studies through the entire 4 volumes will have learned about all of our fundamental beliefs and will be prepped for baptism, in fact the last lesson in Volume 4 deals with baptism and even invites a child to read through the General Conference endorsed “Simplified baptismal Vows” and make a decision for baptism.

This set can also be purchased seperately where discounts apply for quantities over 5 or 10 books - for those purchasing for a group study class such as Pathfinders or young Bible study classes.

Honour Patch


There is a Pathfinder Honour & patch for each of the Hunter Chronicles books?

Contact your youth department to find out more!



Publisher: Australian Union Conference

ISBN: 97819256500062

Format: Paperback

STATUS: Available

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My daughter has read the first 2 books and couldn’t put them down

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