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Healthy Juices

Smoothies, Shakes, Infusions, and Other Healthy Drinks!

BY George D. Pamplona Roger

People’s health is being damaged more and more by the contemporary lifestyle. In spite of counting on the best monetary resources, millions of human beings around the world face serious health problems that could be prevented.

For that reason, it is important to discover the healthy power of drinks, which, apart from delighting us with their delicious flavors, contribute to the well-being of the body and help to combat and prevent many disorders.

THis book includes:

  • Drinks - in depth information on different types of beverages.

  • Drinks for every part of the body - prevention and treatment of most common diseases.

  • Detox cures -  with practical advice to carry out a detoxification or purifying cure based on healthy drinks. 

  • Healing through Drinking - Practical drink based menus for cleansing or preventative cure for various disorders.

  • Losing Weight Through Drinking - Practical advice for losing weight based on drinks, without health risks 


ISBN: 9788472085633

Format: Hardcover

STATUS: Available

Pages: 351

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