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Guide Special: The Story of Desmond Doss

BY Charles Mills

When you read Desmond Doss’ story or watch a movie about his heroic exploits it’s easy to focus on his selfless sacrifice there on Hacksaw Ridge. But is that really where Desmond faced his most difficult test?

Imagine young private Desmond Doss. Although he volunteered to join the army to defend his country, when he refused to carry a gun everyone from his fellow soldiers up through his commanders decided he was a coward, worthy only of contempt. They tormented him mercilessly. When he refused to work on his Sabbath, the threats and abuse only got worse. Yet it didn’t matter what the army threw at him, Desmond stayed true to his faith.

The movies glamorize Desmond Doss’ story—reveling in the very real violence. But Guide Magazine has just released a special Desmond Doss edition written in language a kid can relate to and a parent can be comfortable with.

Chapter 1 – Boots, Bullets, and Beliefs shares the challenges Desmond faced trying to be true to his Adventist beliefs in the Sabbath and in not killing—all the while training for the greatest war ever.
Chapter 2 – Fire, Foxholes, and Fear tells what it was like for young Desmond, facing combat for the first time with his fellow soldiers to protect and nothing but his first-aid kit to use.
Chapter 3 – Beyond the Call of Duty relates Desmond’s heroic mission to lower 75 men to safety while under enemy fire.
Throughout each of these chapters the author, Charles Mills, weaves in the importance of Desmond’s strong SDA beliefs and how they helped him become the hero of Hacksaw Ridge.


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 643330046791

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 16

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