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Gold for My Girlfriends

Nuggets of wisdom for those who are growing older

BY Kay Kuzma

Life should not be measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away. Once you start living by this standard, you’ll find yourself really living regardless of the date on your birth certificate. So forget about spending time trying to mask your age with glitter and glamour or pushing yourself to achieve more fame and fortune. These things are just temporary. Instead, focus on creating breathtaking moments that can never be taken away from you, never lost, and never devalued. If you do that, then every age can be “golden.”

“Truly you will find ‘gold’ in this book as Dr. Kay Kuzma shares how to prepare . . . and live in the ‘golden years’ with true joy, perseverance, and celebration for each new day. Whether you are dreading retirement or looking forward to it, Kay gives you a reason to get up in the morning, smile, embrace each new day, and live the abundant life God wants you to have. Gold for My Girlfriends is truly that—pure gold!”

—Brenda Walsh, general manager 3ABN Kids Network


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816363773

Format: Paperback

STATUS: Available

Pages: 224

Customer Reviews

[ Bookshelf Review ]
Kay Kuzma has been a favourite Adventist writer and speaker for many years. Now, after six years enjoying life in Hawaii with her ailing husband, she has decided to write again. And, from the reader’s perspective, there is nothing like a rainy winter’s night to encourage the reading of a good book. Kay’s engaging style kept me glued for longer than intended, keeping me reading well past midnight.
In Gold for My Girlfriends, stories from Kay’s life and family are interwoven with nuggets of wisdom that help bring our busy lives into perspective and help us realise that life is more than work. I found myself giggling to myself in public places, as I ploughed through page after page of funny experiences that we can all relate to at some time in our lives. Each chapter in this book is short enough to read for a morning worship or object lesson—but it’s a challenge to stop at only one.
While pitched at older women, Gold for My Girlfriends is not so much about growing old gracefully. Rather, it made me realise that it is the precious moments we make with other people that enrich our lives and ultimately carry us through to older age, so we should be out there now making and sharing as many moments as we can, whatever our age or stage.
Even if you are not getting close to your golden years,
this book holds many precious thoughts on how to be a better person, to live well and to enjoy a more fulfilling life.
As such, I am sure all the members of your family will also enjoy the humour and wisdom within the pages of Gold for My Girlfriends. So why not start making your life more golden now?
—Sonia Knight, Resources Manager, Adventist Media Network

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