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Faith That Matters

BY Nathan Brown

Faith that matters begins and ends with Jesus—and is focused on Him everywhere in between. But engaging with Jesus will also and always draw us back to our time and place, to our communities and our world.
Most of them first published by Adventist World online, this collection of essays wrestles with aspects of this faithful process, particularly as it calls us to engage with issues that hurt those who are most marginalised and vulnerable in our world.
Read, share, enjoy, disagree, think, do, engage . . .

“It is a rarity in the Seventh-day Adventist Church to find a writer who blends a love for the gospel with a deep prophetic call to justice. Nathan Brown is one such writer. His prose is as elevating as it is challenging. All who read him will be asked to don a Christianity covered in the ‘street cred’ of love for the least of these.”
—Dwain Esmond, Associate Director, The Ellen G White Estate


Publisher: Signs Publishing

ISBN: 9781925044751

Format: Paperback

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As a Christian—in my most honest moments of reflection—I wish for transformational faith and persistent courage to change the world. I want to reclaim my privileged life, to use my time and to share my possessions so I can become the heart, the voice, the hands and the feet of Jesus to my God-ordained family: to neighbours, friends, strangers and the least of these.
In the context of this yearning, Nathan Brown’s Engage: Faith that Matters—a collection of essays about the responsibility and the privilege evoked by our divine commission to engage with our world—enriched, challenged and inspired me.
Engage enriched my understanding of Jesus as the servant God, the radical peacemaker, the humble rescuer, the unsung hero and the ultimate lover of all people. Nathan’s view of God—biblical, attractive and fresh—speaks of grace and compassion.
It also challenged my self-imposed limitations about what it means to be engaged “in the world” while not being “of the world.” About our collective ability to do good—with God—as an act of worship and to replicate God’s generosity.
And ultimately, it inspired me to look for opportunities, big or small, to breathe relevance into my life, to let my compassion shine, and to aspire for more. More doing and less talking, more loving and less preaching, more acceptance and less judgment, more justice and less pain, more like Jesus and less like me.
Nathan’s prose is based on solid theology, careful research and eloquent storytelling. The essays are succinct, but impactful.
The stories are personal and real. And the lessons are applicable to life—right now.
Engage is the kind of book that you think you will read slowly—one essay at a time—but find yourself unable to put down, before going back with highlighter and pen in hand for a deeper study.
It is about encouraging us, as Jesus’ disciples, “to be most engaged in our world and in our communities.” And when we do, we will live out love as Jesus did—salt, light. hands, feet, heart, voice, all.
—Bruna Tawake, Fundraising Manager, ADRA Australia

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