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Understanding Love 5-DVD Set

Guides to building stronger, loving relationships


Understanding Love is a 5 part DVD series aimed at helping you build and sustain your relationships. If you are looking for answers to questions about love and relationships Understanding Love has been prepared for you!

PART 1. Understanding Love - defines the nature of romantic love and shows how ideas of love are influenced by the media, family and the stories constructed about love. It describes how passion, commitment and intimacy are the key components in any strong, healthy long-term relationship.

PART 2. The Language of Love - reveals how intimacy and good communication are reliant on feeling safe, being respected, and connecting with a partner at the feeling level. It outlines a number of ways that couples “block” communication and highlights the vital importance of listening and reflecting as keys to understanding each other.

PART 3. Sharing Love - explores attitudes and behaviours that help or prevent couples achieving a sense of intimacy and maintaining emotional closeness with their soul-mate in an emotionally healthy relationship.

PART 4. Love and Conflict - shows how conflict is the gateway to intimacy! It looks at some of the common issues that trigger conflict and anger in a relationship and offers some guidelines for preventing arguments and emotions from escalating out of control.

PART 5. Keeping Love Alive - focuses on how couples maintain a sense of harmony, balance and teamwork in their relationship over time and outlines practical steps to building a stronger, more vital relationship with a partner.


Publisher: SPD

ISBN: 9781921198588

Format: DVD

Qty on Hand: 2 In Stock

Duration: 23 min

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