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Scripture Mysteries #1: The Forgotten Dream DVD

BY Anchor Point Films

2,500 years ago the King of Babylon had a dream.  It has been said that this dream revealed the history of Earth from that time until today.  Is this true?  In order to find out, we need to search in the Biblical book of Daniel.

Scripture Mysteries is a documentary series that seeks to understand the truth behind a number of Biblical subjects.

This DVD delves into a couple of serious questions. The first question being, "Are there really any good reasons to believe in the Bible?" and secondly, "What does the future hold?" We have traveled far and near to find archaeologists, and theologians who can help shed light on these questions.


Publisher: Biblical Research Institute

ISBN: 9781891473265

Format: DVD

Qty on Hand: 0 In Stock

Duration: 54 min

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