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David's Revenge

BY Brad Watson

“David found himself crashing into Lee a second time. The weight of the backpack unbalanced him. He staggered forward and sprawled on the track, pebbles lodging in the palms of his hand. He scrambled to his feet, disorientated in the heat and noise. He swatted at the orange particles stinging his skin as the noise of the approaching fire got closer. It was all consuming – and frightening. It was as if an immense, living beast was roaring up the valley. It leapt from tree to tree faster than any creature could run, devouring everything in its path.”

Caught in a fire storm while hiking, David is forced to run for his life. Then, high on a deadly cliff, he must find a way to save a schoolmate from a terrifying fall. As they recover from their ordeal and the lies that follow, David and his friends face challenges and choices. But David’s most important task is finding something better than revenge. 

>David's Revenge is a story of friendship, choices, perseverance and hope.


Publisher: Signs Publishing

ISBN: 9781921292644

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 4 In Stock

Pages: 250

Customer Reviews

Faith based books for boys are hard to find. This one is excellent. My son was engrossed by the story which is well written, entertaining and contains challenging realistic moral challenges. I can absolutely recommend this book and enjoyed it immensely.

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