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Damsel, Arise!

BY Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

Brokenness is good.

Not good because suffering, sickness, oppression, abuse, injustice, and all the mutations of sin are good—clearly, an enemy has done this” (Matthew 13:28, NKJV)—but good because of what God does with our brokenness.

This book is about womankind—her creation, her fall, and her renewal in the Redeemer’s love. Though the enemy has exploited sin’s consequences; we are reminded that God is still mighty to save.

They all thought she was dead. “Damsel, arise!” Jesus said. Life flew into the void left by death, filled the girl’s limp body, electrified every cell. She immediately rose to her feet and danced around the room. Mourning turned to unspeakable joy. Heaven touched earth, and earth, couldn’t help but celebrate!

“Damsel, arise!” Jesus says to you today. Get up! I have raised you to infinite potential in Me. Rise up! Let Me turn your mourning into joy.


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780816363711

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 0 In Stock

Pages: 128

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