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Mission Study Bible - Revised 2017 (KJV)

With Ellen G White commentary notes

This King James Version Bible offers the additional explanations of not only the insightful comments of Ellen G White but also has many other study helps and explanations.

NOTE: The Misison Study Bible has the Ellen White commentary notes sepperated into the footer of the page, as not to intrupt the reading of scriptire, where as the Remnant Study Bibles have Ellen White quotes scattered throughout the middle of scriptiure, which some readers find distracting.

The Mission Study Bible is packed with commentary, charts, maps, additional material and so much more...


  • King James Version 

  • Ultra Durable Cover - A soft touch ultra durable black cover allows for flexibility as well as durability.

  • Upgraded Binding - Smyth Sewn binding - the highest quality book binding available.

  • Gold Edge

  • 3 Page Marker Ribbons - Never lose your place again.

  • Large Print - The Mission Study Bible features larger print on not only the Bible text but also on the commentary.

  • Printed in Full Colour

  • Text References - Many verses have references to other verses to point you to other relevant verses.

  • Words of Christ in Red

  • Introduction to Each Book - Title, Authorship, Historical Setting, Theme and an Outline

  • Know the background and context of each book before you study.

  • Commentary by Ellen G. White - This Bible is saturated with additional commentary by Ellen G. White.

  • Additional Maps Explaining a Specific  Prophet's Ministry

  • Additional Footnotes and Explanations - Further explanations are given in the shaded blue blocks at the bottom of the pages.

  • The Historic Period Between the Old and the New Testament - Covering the period of 400 years between the two testaments, this 20 page, historic account with maps and diagrams, leads up to the time of the first advent of Christ.

  • Fourfold Gospel Narrative - This narrative places each of the four gospels in context.

  • Harmony of the Gospels - A comprehensive listing of each incident in the life of Christ is placed in chronological sequence to allow for better understanding of how the gospels harmonize.

  • Parables and Their Interpretation - Each parable of Christ is listed with its harmony entry and the principles which Jesus wished to illustrate.

  • Miracles and the Purpose of the Miracles - Each miracle of Jesus  is listed with its harmony entry and gives the principles illustrated by the miracle.

  • 13 Full Colour Maps Illustrating the Life and Ministry of Jesus - Follow Jesus from His birth all the way through His ministry ending in Jerusalem.  

  • 10 Full Colour Charts Illustrating the Time Lines of the Various Phases of the Ministry of Jesus

  • Basic Bible Studies, 12 Topics with Various Study Subheadings - Always have studies available should you be asked to explain the reason for the hope you have.

  • 80 Page Concordance - One of the largest concordances ever in an easy-to-carry Bible.

  • Scripture Index to the Writings of Ellen G White - For further study of the writings of Ellen G White additional book references are given to help you gain more insights into texts in the Bible. 

  • Chronological Tables - Detailed information on so many aspects of our Christian faith.

  • Tables of Weights and Measures - Understand the terms for weights and measures. 

  • Hebrew Months, Festivals and Seasons.

  • Outline of the Sanctuary Service - Get to know the Sanctuary and its services to better understand Christ’s ministry on our behalf.

  • 26 Full Colour Maps from the Exodus to the Diaspora in the First Century.


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Publisher: Oklahoma Academy publishing

ISBN: 9780996311311

Format: Other

STATUS: Available

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