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The Unanswered Prayer

A Mother's Treasury of Wisdom

BY Serepta Henry

As she stood near the door of the church, tall and stately, with pale face, our eyes met. She took my hand in hers and said, "Do you honestly believe that God hears and answers prayer?" "Why, my dear woman," I replied, "of course I do!" "Well, then, why is it that in spite of the fact that I prayed for my only child, my boy, as long as he lived, he lies tonight in a drunkard's grave? Answer me." It was like a blow in the face, leaving me startled and dumb. It was that unanswered prayer that resulted in this book.

One thing I firmly believe: Those parents in whose heart the will of the Lord is, who will honestly give all the powers of their being to Him, and will be taught by His truth in relation to the physical, social, and spiritual life of their children, will be able to make them pure, true Christians-in spite of any evil heredity, or even the example and influence of an unconverted spouse. In my search for answers, I have found that parental failure lies chiefly in little things.

This book has to do with trifles, things too insignificant to be noticed, and yet mighty in their results, like the germs of a disease which must be searched out under the microscope. Come reason with me in this life or death quest to save the children.


Publisher: Review and Herald

ISBN: 9780828016490

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 96

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