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Total Temple Makeover

How to Turn Your Body into a Temple you can Rejoice in

BY Gregg Jantz, Ann McMurray

While the world reels with an ever-growing array of lose-weight-quick schemes, Dr. Gregory Jantz applies common sense and spiritual encouragement to lead readers on a reasonable, realistic path to healthier living.

 Unlikethe radical and even dangerous tactics that often captivate those who hunger for dramatic change, Jantz advocates a gentle twelve-week program, which considers the whole person, not just body weight.

 This comprehensive approach incorporates scripture study, prayer, and journaling, as well as nutrition, food-consumption plans, and body maintenance with the intention of reshaping a person's self-image in addition to dropping inches in the waistline.


Publisher: Howard Books

ISBN: 9781582294117

Format: Paperback

Qty on Hand: 5 In Stock

Pages: 249

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