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Radical Evidence

What is the truth about Jesus?

BY Derek J. Morris

Show Your face, if You dare. Clifford Goldstein was an angry young atheist, shouting at a God he didn't believe in. Of course, there are many people like Goldstein who wonder if there is any real evidence for a living God and His Redeemer Son. Here, Derek Morris introduces you to people who have had a dramatic encounter with the Messiah they didn't believe in. The Shiite Muslim, an African ancestor worshipper, and an obsessed novelist who found his life taking an unexpected turn. People in Bible times also present evidence. There are the prophets who spoke of things they did not understand, but whose words came true in the gospel story. And there is the amazing sign of Christ's divinity in one of the psalms. Take a look at the evidence, and see if God is showing His face to you.

Publisher: Autumn House

ISBN: 9780812705140

Format: Hardcover

Qty on Hand: 9 In Stock

Pages: 128

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