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Jesus of Nazareth Volumes 1 and 2

His Life, His Message, His Promise.

BY William G. Johnsson

The skillful penmanship of Bill Johnsson, former editor of the Adventist Review, has produced a perceptive and penetrating portrait of Jesus of Nazareth--His Life, Message, and Passion. Jesus of Nazareth is informative and factual, but above all it is a spiritual journey with Jesus the Man.

"Of all the names given children since the dawn of time, one stands alone, solitary, immoveable. Although many men and women now take that name in oath or jest, one day every knee in heaven and earth will bow before Him who bears it and declare that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. That name is the sweetest sound to come from infant lips; it sustains us through life; it will be our refuge when we embark on our final journey.

"Jesus. All our hopes, for this world and the next, center in Him. Our best joys, our highest aspirations, our cleanest motivations, spring from Him. Every other name will pass away; His, never. He is incomparable."


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9780925675248

Format: Paperback

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