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From the Manger to the Empty Tomb

Episodes in the life of Christ

BY Rex D. Edwards

From the Manger to the Empty Tomb is a book with many moments of depth and eloquence as it recounts seven vignettes about the birth, life, passion and resurrection of Christ.  It is as dramatic and moving as the subject himself.  One of the most notable features is the author's ability to bring out the dramatic qualities inherent in the life of Christ.  The author interprets the Scripture and describes Christ not only in historical perspective but in exciting and contemporary terms.  Here is a passionate portrait of the Saviour whose promise has sustained humanity for over two millennia.  This work as a whole is best read as a prolonged hymn of praise.  Every Christian should read and own this vivid retelling of the greatest life ever lived.


ISBN: 9781904685548

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 84

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