Hunter and the Haunted Halls (Storybook 3)

Hunter and the Haunted Halls (Storybook 3)

The Hunter Chronicles

BY Amanda Bews, Tony Knight

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This is story book three of The Hunter Chronicles, a series for junior aged kids (9-12) covering 7 of the Fundamental Beliefs of the SDA Church

4 volumes will be launched covering the entire 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the church. Each volume is composed of a children’s novel story book plus a Bible study handbook. 

"Dodging Zeke and his gang of bullies, battling dinosaurs, saving Pookie the Bear from a fate worse than death - it was just another day in the life of Ethan Hunter. Who would have thought starting at Mystery Bay Primary would be so dangerous?Ethan was desperate to get away, but there are some things you just can't escape. Some decisions too. As the skies filled with smoke, the flames rose higher and Mystery Bay succumbed to the fires, Ethan was forced to confront the truth about himself. People either do something, or they do do nothing. When it came down to it, would he pass the test?If there are no such thing as ghosts, why does Ethan feel like he's being watched, what is that spooky glow coming from Braidwood Hall, and what on earth made Bentley venture inside?"

Volume  4 (Hunter and the Smuggler’s Snare) will follow.

The book also has a companion Hunter’s Handbook 3 (the Bible study guide) which can either be purchased separately or as a discounted pair with this matching story book.

Discounts also apply for quantities over 5 or 10 books - for those purchasing for a group study class such as Pathfinders or young Bible study classes.

Honour Patch


There is a Pathfinder Honour & patch for each of the Hunter Chronicles books?

Contact your youth department to find out more!


Publisher: Australian Union Conference

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