God Space (2018 Teen Devotional)

God Space (2018 Teen Devotional)

Daily devotions for teens

BY Tompaul Wheeler

In life’s ruthless race God can seem like so much outer space. But life’s more than a long fight for last place. The answer is to give God more than just shelf space—and go from self-centeredness to discipleship.

Love. Art. Science. Spirituality. In God Space Tompaul Wheeler tackles issues that can make your head spin. With wit, spirit, and openness he zooms in on seven central themes—one for each day of the week. Go behind the scenes of the Bible, science, Adventism, and spirituality and discover God’s incredible mission for your life.

So defog your headspace. Put God in first place. Stop worrying about saving face. And welcome to a world of grace.


Publisher: Review and Herald Publishing

ISBN: 9780828028288

Format: Paperback

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