No Matter What Happens, Life Is Still Beautiful!

No Matter What Happens, Life Is Still Beautiful!

BY Enrique Chaij

We all want to be happy, but not all paths lead to this longed-for goal. In order to help us find the best path and not leave it, No Matter What Happens, Life Is Still Beautiful! is going to show us step-by-step.

How to learn to be optimistic in spite of everything.
What we are lacking, or what we have in excess, in order to reach maturity.
The necessary ingredients for finding and strengthening interpersonal relationships that are enriched in all environments, including marriage and the family.
The best method for controlling negative emotions.
How to obtain freedom from addictions that enslave.

In these pages we will also discover where to find that source of unsurpassable power that is available to everyone and that will allow us to say correctly, No Matter What Happens, Life Is Still Beautiful!


  • The beauty of life

  • When there is harmony in the home

  • Positive interpersonal relationships

  • In search of maturity

  • True happiness

  • The formulas for succuss

  • Even in the midst of pain

  • Free of bad habits

  • We are not  alone

  • I have a friend


You might be experiencing pain or sadness in your life or maybe cruising along doing the same old thing that you always have done. If you have ever thought there must be more to life or have become complacent, this book is for you. From time to time it is good for everyone to reboot their attitude to life. Life is Still Beautiful captures the essence of what it means to make our lives really beautiful.

Author Enrique Caij has extensive experience as a journalist and editor, writer, speaker, radio host and director of the television program Encounter with Life. He is well known in his native Argentina, where he has received numerous awards. As Caiji explains, we all want to be happy, but not all paths lead to this goal. In this book, he manages to keep the reader captivated with encouraging stories that not only illustrate his point but help to make his thoughts easier to remember.

Covering such topics as “Harmony in the Home”, “Interpersonal Relationships”, “Formulas for Success” and “Freedom from Bad Habits”, the author explains how to learn to be optimistic, how to develop great relationships, and to control negative emotions and addictions. With colourful illustrations, Life Is Still Beautiful! is also a beautiful book, interspersed with poetry and catch phrases that will stick in your head long after you have finished reading.

Even as someone who has a great life, there were many things in this book that I can take on board to help me live my life to its full potential. I also discovered things that help me understand what others might be going through, and how to support and encourage them in whatever they might be experiencing in their lives.

Life is more than just a read-through; you only get one chance on this earth, so why not make it as beautiful as possible—for ourselves and for others, as God designed it to be.

Sonia Knight is Resources Manager for Adventist Media


Publisher: Pacific Press

ISBN: 9781786650085

Format: Hardcover

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