Stained Glass Marriage

Stained Glass Marriage

Hope for Shattered Homes

BY Dale Forehand, Jena Forehand

Is it really possible to bring a shattered, broken marriage back together? In our society, marriages are daily being torn apart for various reasons and taken before divorce court. No one ever plans on this, but it is happening more and more. In this book, you will get to know the authors Dale and Jenna Forehand. After eight years of marriage, they went through the anguish of a shattered marriage, which ultimately lead to divorce.

They endured the fights, sulking silences, confused children, and a fierce courtroom battle. However, they found that their legal separation didn't solve their problems or offer any relief. Surprisingly, by the grace of God, they began to take steps to move past their bitterness and try to restore their marriage. In the end, they fell more deeply in love and remarried! Maybe you think something like that is impossible, but with God nothing is impossible!

This book is amazing as the Forehands freely share their personal experiences to illustrate the principles that must be practiced in every healthy and restored marriage. They cover topics such as safety in marriage, how to maintain marital bliss, understanding the power of Satan, learning how to love, how to handle conflict, how to genuinely forgive, and spiritual union. This book is applicable for anyone, whether you are in a good marriage but want it to be better or if your marriage is not what it should be. Of course, this book is ideal for anyone in a marriage that is struggling to survive or has already gone through a devastating divorce. Wherever you are at, this book will help you identify areas of your marriage that you need to work on or repair.

With the help of this 177 page paperback book, maybe you too will experience how God can use the broken pieces of a shattered marriage to create a work of art a stained glass marriage. elise


Publisher: New Hope Publishers

ISBN: 9781563097584

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 177